The sea princess

The delicate ring of green vegetation bathed under the moon light, glimmering in turn as the waves pushed and pulled the seaweeds. Their dark green shine on the skin gave the scene an almost mystical feeling. The weeds had wrapped themselves elegantly around the skin, covering precious spots with a gracile poesy, like one would do to protect a beloved package. Under the moon light, they resembled a magical dress out of a fairy tale, shining in warm, dark golden tones around the bust and along the arms.

Under the dress of green, the pale skin of a woman, almost white against the seaweeds, was resting peacefully. Her long, slim neck was left free, leading in a fragile line to a calm smile. Her eyes were shut, she seemed to be dreaming beautiful dreams of quiet happiness. Underneath, the water was carrying her gently to her safe place, like a caring prince with his treasured princess.

She had trusted the sea like an old friend to help her find peace, and her wish had been granted with a careful attention. Lovingly, patiently, the sea had prepared the stage, dressing her peaceful beauty in glorious green for the earthed world to see, protecting the note of sorrow in her clenched fist from being lost in the water. Tomorrow her lips would start turning blue. The sea hoped its precious parcel would be found soon.

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