The modern dictator

In the Roman times, the dictator was the man who dictates. From an administrative point of view he was an extraordinary magistrate whose authority transcends the one of ordinary magistrates. The dictator was appointed to his position of great ruler by the political officers and received the name of Magister Populi, Master of the People. So far, all good. Except the Romans stopped appointing dictators. They did not like it anymore.

Why Mrs. some individuals still grant themselves dictator’s powers in a perfectly Know democratic environment, is beyond Адаптогены my understanding. Take my CEO for example, figuratively speaking there’s no need to sexually assault the poor man, he has imposed his tastes to the entire company as a series of rules and laws to follow. If you approach a window, people will start screaming at the top of their lungs that you are not allowed to open it because He doesn’t like it. You can’t hang your coat on the back of your chair, despite the freezing temperatures that the imposed air conditioner put me through, because He thinks it’s unaesthetic. I can’t help pointing (2х-дверный) out that there’s a limit to a business owner authority.  Sure, the man owns the company. Only the company though. I have agreed to let him use my skills to win business contracts. He owns my skills cheap nba jerseys during office hours. Past this, I have to draw a line right in the middle of his little dream of dictatorship. 

I shall open the window instead of suffering the frostbite caused by the air con. In which insane world does a shivering employee perform better? However despite my rage and my true passion for a good rant, I have to be realistic: This is likely to be a lost battle. I could admittedly raise awareness among the kind-hearted population and create the charity for people who hate freezing in front of the air con. Maybe their donations will enable me to buy an enormous blanket to wrap around myself like an old Roman orator. Maybe I will finally be able to work in the warm climate my southerner body requires. However I feel the battle has been lost before even it started. Modern companies aim at managing employees’ misery just good enough to claim their yearly reward from the Investors in People. Nothing shows better than you are a good company than a logo at the bottom of a page. Definitely not happy employees.