Wonder Woman and the half full bag of chips

Jessie ordered a large portion of chips that she covered copiously in salt and vinegar. She deserved it: A superhero needs feeding. Saving the world demanded all her energy. She sat by a lonely tree in the park, watching the agitation in town as an ambulance pulled into the alley. Bemused, she wiped her hand on her leggings before waving at the paramedics. The other hand dived into the paper bag, grabbing soggy chips between two podgy fingers. She opened her mouth, and still looking at the cute paramedic proceeded to drive a chip into the opening. She missed by almost an inch, crushing the fluffy potato flesh against her cheek. She broke eye contact with the man who was now climbing back into the ambulance and readjusted her aiming carefully. When she looked up again the ambulance was driving off at high speed, blue light flashing in its path. She sighed. He had been a cute man, as far as she could judge from a distance. She chewed thoughtfully as a scream of horror interrupted her. At the other side of the park, just behind the bushes that grew by the fountain, a young woman had rolled onto her back. She was trying to fight off a male figure from lying down on her. She cried and begged, her long blonde hair floating all around her face as she struggled to get free. The man punched her with a grunt of frustration. The blonde head fell back against the ground.

Jessie rolled the paper bag and placed it inside her rucksack. It was still half full and she saw no reason a superhero should be left to starve for the sake of saving the world. She got up and straightened the pink bunny ears on her head.

‘Leave her alone,’ she bellowed.

The man froze. He turned his head like a wind vane for a moment to identify the source of the voice.

‘Hum’, Jessie coughed, ‘It is I who speak.’

The man laughed cruelly, ‘Are you jelly, fatso?’

‘By the power of Wonder Woman, you will leave this woman alone,’ Jessie replied, ignoring the insult. Slowly she opened her rucksack and took the golden lasso out of the plastic bag. She threw it at the couple. With a yell, the man ran away. As for the woman, she lay undisturbed, a brick sinking casually into her face.

Another victory for Wonder Woman.

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