Wonder Woman and the Long Arm of the Law

Jessie thoughtfully scratched her backside through her black leggings. Being a superhero was easier than she had thought. She walked slowly over to where the boy lay on the floor and retrieved her golden lasso. She wiped the worst of the blood off it using his tracksuit top before carefully placing it back in to her rucksack, making sure to place it in the carrier bag she had put there for that purpose. Removing blood stains from rucksacks was one thing this superhero was not going to spend her evenings doing. She patted the wall absentmindedly and said, ‘nobody’s going to hurt you now, ma’m’.

After a little while flashes of blue light on the alley wall indicated to wonder woman that it was time to move on, she adjusted her bunny ears and walked quickly towards the street. As she walked she left a trail of red footprints and she conceded to herself that maybe rabbit slippers were not the ideal partner for bunny ears and that, even if they were, she may need alternative superhero footwear.

She was a few steps away from the pavement when a black uniformed figure stepped in front of her, ‘good evening madam, I’d just like to ask you a few questions if I may’. Wonder woman considered this proposition for a moment, she knew deep down that this man would try to reveal her secret identity and that it would ruin everything. There was only one thing for it – she released a devastating attack with her golden lasso.

As Jessie reached down and pulled the officer’s hat respectfully over the remains of his face she solemnly intoned, ‘it was smashing of you to stop by officer but no one can stand in the way of justice’. This said she straightened up and walked out of the alley and on to the main high street. She put her hands on her hips and adopted her best crime fighter pose, only stopping momentarily to adjust her bunny ears as the wind from the bay blew them slightly over to one side. She looked right and left and tried to decide which way would need her help most. She counted the change in her pocket and decided that the way towards the chip shop would probably be in need of the most help.

This critical decision made wonder woman pulled up her leggings and strode off into the night.