A few words about us

Fluff and Poops are two dreamy, solitary minds who found each other by chance and have since never left each other’s side, for the love of the fantasy world they invent every day for themselves.
If you thought for a second that FaP was just an odd group with a rude name, think again. 


We have over 50 years of writing experience between us.


We bubble with new ideas and concepts all the time. We're never confined to one genre.


We're not just dreamers of stories. We're experienced in the world of IT, business and digital technologies.

About Fluff

She, Fluff, has silently pictured her existence as a writer since primary school when she was struck by the vision that the pen she held in her left hand was nothing but a direct bridge to the inside of her mind. She’s got plans to build a toll on it.
Fully bilingual and coming from a family of writers, Fluff writes in English and in French with the same facility. She's a published author and ghostwriter.

Her writing talents

  • (Auto)biographical stories
  • Marketing blog and site content
  • Communication
  • Product descriptions for eCommerce
  • Digital Business Intelligence & HR topics
  • Fiction & Fantasy
  • Crime
  • Romance
  • Haiku
  • New challenges

About Poops

He, Poops, has spent his lonely teenage years writing desperately romantic poetry that he proceeded to hopelessly distribute to publishing houses in the belief that Byron had been reborn. Fortunately for humanity, the publishing world rejected the concept of resurrection.
Armed with his passion for human nature and the story of a great ancestor who wrote fictions, Poops has piles of poems and short stories on his desk.

His writing talents

  • Technical Manuals and articles
  • HR & Recruiting topics
  • Business communications
  • Digital Business Intelligence topics
  • Fiction & Fantasy
  • Crime
  • Romance
  • Poetry
  • New challenges

Want to get in touch?

We believe in open communication so if you want to share ideas, hire us or publish us, or just like what we do then please use the form below to let us know!