Current work

This section presents a brief overview of some of the projects that we're working on at the moment.

  • Our paused project is the semi autobiographical story of our coming together, e-love; a very beautiful - you can take this as literally or sarcastically as you please - love story about two geeks.
  • Our current work is a magical tale aimed at the young adult market and this is progressing quite nicely - we're hoping to complete by the end of the year. The working title for this is 'The Shadow of Phaedrus - The dead Shadow'. 
  • We are working on short stories about management interactions in offices, something that will hopefully bring a smile and a thought to many readers.
  • Brewing in the background and ready to be approached soon is a new project that is addressed at an adult audience and plays with the misuse of topic specific languages. Ever wondered what a B2B marriage proposal would sound like? Stop wondering, we've got the answer for you! 

We have over 50 years of writing experience between us.


We bubble with new ideas and concepts all the time. We're never confined to one genre.


We're not just dreamers of stories. We're experienced in the world of IT, business and digital technologies.

Writer Portfolio

Fat Joe

fat joe link building

Fat Joe is an SEO agency, specialist of link building and content generation.

What's the pain?

Fat Joe needed writers to create SEO-compliant articles for their clients and their bloggers. The articles are ghostwritten and need to feel and look like in-house content.

What did we do?

We create daily link-building articles for Fat Joe's clients. These articles are mostly written for the UK, US, AUS, NZ, and Asian markets. They touch a variety of topics: Fitness, health, family, finance, home décor, relationship, fashion, marketing, HR, society, travel, cooking, etc.

How did it go?

So far we've written and published over 400 articles, and still counting!

Triple R Oil Filter

triple R logo

Triple R is a specialist oil cleaning company based in Belgium.

What's the pain?

For Marc Van Uytven, the MD, communication is a heavy part of everyday business. Most of his clients are based outside of Belgium and, as a result, he needs to communicate the features of Triple R in the clearest and most understandable way.

What did we do?

He contacted us to help him with his English technical brochures. They had to be accessible to all his clients, even those who don't speak English as a first language, and use the specialist vocabulary of the oil industry.
We proofread and edited Marc's brochures to help him improve his pitch to international clients.

How did it go?

All is perfect. Thank you

Black And White Houses

Black and white houses singapore

Linda Kirseborn is a photographer based in Singapore.

What's the pain?

She wants to publish a home interior book on the colonial black and white houses of Singapore. To make her book more appealing, she intends to provide interviews of locals and families who live in these remains of the glorious historic past of an Empire.
She needed someone to help her produce a pitch of her book to present to a future publisher.

What did we do?

We reviewed her pitch and focused on correcting the language as well as creating fluidity and purpose into the text. Linda only gave us 24 hrs to work through her text.

How did it go?

Thanks so much for your quick help and great writing!

The Breakdancer in the Bank

Biography of a breakdancer in a bank

Easyman is a Swiss Breakdancer, double world champion, and banker.

What's the pain?

Easyman wanted to share his life experience for the youth of today.

What did we do?

We interviewed him and provided him with a manuscript of his memoirs. The writing style is targeted at YA and teens. The tone is both honest and full of affection, like Easyman is in real life.

How did it go?

You wrote my story with great talent. Thank you for making my dream come true.

No More Domestic Violence

Creating the right content for domestic violence abuses

Ma Tranquilité is a small organisation that is focused on helping women defend themselves.

What's the pain?

Joan has created Ma Tranquilité. For her, understanding and care is key in her communication. However she found it difficult to launch a newsletter pattern to interact with her readers. She hired us to help write the right content.

What did we do?

We created a story-telling approach that puts the reader in the shoes of someone who's been victim of domestic violence. As the story goes, the reader can identify with the character and discover the different organisms and support groups for her recovery. This communication campaign in several letters ends on a positive note, once the circle of guilt and fear has been eradicated.

How did it go?

The newsletter signups increased by over 110%.

Thank you for helping me through. I feel stronger.

Private Toys


Private Toys is a Spanish-based sex toy retailer.

What's the pain?

Private Toys got in touch to create their product descriptions. With over 1,000 of products, they needed to appeal to customers of any gender and sexuality in an accessible and friendly language.

What did we do?

We researched each the list of products provided by Private Toys and designed gender and sexuality-friendly descriptions for each one of them.

How did it go?

It was a pleasure working again with freelance writer Celine, she was very available throughout the project and the communication was very easy! She did was very open and listened to our opinion! In result, she delivered very good work, that matched exactly our needs.