I Sherlocked my TARDIS

There she is, shaking
In excitement at the blue
Of his eyes. He’s hot.

The sky may be grey
Roses may be red or pink,
But his eyes are blue.

Not any old blue.
TARDIS blue, Cumberbatch blue.
Fan girls always know.

She understands him.
That scene hits her in the feels,
The depth in his eyes.

Daily she comments,
Shares theories. Can you see
The depth in his eyes

When he looks at John?
When he watches Clara die?
That’s why this show rules.

‘Got to be geeky’,
She says, ‘to appreciate it.
Geeky is sexy.’

Geeks don’t masturbate
To the sound of the TARDIS,
Nor Sherlock’s violin.

Geeks just obsess with
Intellectual pursuits.
Not BBC shows.

Poor darling, she’s lost.
Fandom is no cute geekery.
What’s smart about it?

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