Wish you were here

flying a kite in Rossnowlagh

Another take off,
Marilyn’s hands on the belt
Clutched for dear life.

How one could enjoy
Sitting in a metal bird
Was a mystery.

Earl, beloved man
of forty years, disagreed.
He just adored planes.

He saw them as friends
Who take one around the world,
New destinations.

Below, the blue sea
Ahead, a sunny island
They’ve never been to.

Above, the sign flashed.
Obediently Marilyn
Pushed the tablet back.

Landed, passport checked,
And her luggage collected,
Marilyn was set.

The very same day
Saw her lying on the beach,
The sun on her back.

The blue waves ahead,
Were everything Earl had dreamed
Of seeing with her.

She picked a postcard
On the way back to her room,
One with the blue waves,

Tacky golden font,
Odd writing, ‘Wish U were here’,
Across the picture.

‘My Earl, my darling,
You’d love it here with me.
I followed your dream.

I took the first plane.
You’d want to stay! I miss you.
Please stop being dead.’

The sun-tanned widow
Put the pen down, not sure what
Earl’s new address was.

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