Around Ireland in 8 days

Ireland and Irish Tour

Earlier this year, Poops and myself put our heads together to find out the perfect location for our summer holiday. Would it be a tropical island? Would it be Italy? Would it be Morocco? We simply couldn’t choose where to go! It’s one of those too much to see, too little time paradigms. So after a strong pot of tea we calmed down a little and decided to approach our list of places to see one at a time. We picked Ireland for our summer holiday.

Blog - Ireland - Intro

The following is a quick summary of what we did… we’ll be blogging and posting lots more pictures about all of this (some stunning scenery) over the coming weeks!

Ireland in stats

  • We had 8 days to drive around Ireland.
  • We drove 1,500 miles.
  • We spent up to 10 hours a day in the car.
  • We booked our hotels 3 months in advance.
  • We slept in 7 different hotels.
  • 20 mins was the longest queue we stood in for.
  • We crossed 27 of the 32 counties of Ireland.

The Irish Tour

We started after a short night in Holyhead by getting the ferry to Dublin.
Our first day in Ireland was spent driving from Dublin to Belfast and continued a little up north to find our first hotel.


On day 2 we drove along the coastal road in the north of Northern Ireland where we saw the famous Giant’s Causeway and then crossed to the Republic of Ireland through Londonderry to get to Rossnowlagh where our next hotel was.

The next day was quite relaxed: we drove back to Northern Ireland to see the statues on the White Island. We spent another night in Rossnowlagh.

On day 4 we drove down to Galway through the Atlantic way along the coast and then we cut through the bogs areas just above Galway: we fell in love with the area and were still full of dreams when we collapsed in our bedroom in Galway.

Day 5 started early as we had planned to drive along the Ring of Kerry on our way to our hotel in Killarney. Stunning landscapes and friendly animals accompanied the whole journey. A deer was drinking from the lake in front of our hotel in Killarney.

On the next day we got up just as early to get back to the Dingle Bay and take a boat trip to see the wild sea life in the morning. We were spoilt with playful seals and juvenile dolphins swimming alongside the boat. The afternoon was spent with Poops courageously kissing the Blarney stone. We then reached our hotel in Kilkenny and slept a solid sleep until the next morning.

Day 7 was an easy journey from Kilkenny to Dublin via Brownshill’s dolmen. We spent the night in Dublin, both feeling almost shocked to see so many cars and building after our peaceful days in rural areas. Finally we visited Dublin a little on our last day before heading back for the ferry and for a long drive home.

Lots more on all of this to come! 🙂