Letter to Dad

Winter is coming: The nights are dark and the days are grey. So it’s the best time to embrace a feel-good story and find so strength to go through the cold months of the year together!
This is a text that Fluff sent to a short story competition earlier this year. It’s called Letter to Dad and we think it’s a lovely coming out. 



Dear Dad,

The grass is green and the clouds are thick. It rains a lot. And sometimes it even snows a little. But don’t worry: I am never cold. I kept your blue jumper to keep me warm. It still smells a little of you and home. I am sorry for staying away for so long.

You see I have something else too to keep me warm: I have Daragh. He’s everything that I thought love would be. Except I didn’t picture love to be a red-haired librarian! But if I am perfectly honest, I don’t remember ever thinking of marrying a pretty princess either. I think you knew. I think you’ve always known. Dad, I prefer boys to girls. I hope you can still find in you the strength to love me. I hope you can forgive me if I have disappointed you. I hope you are not ashamed of me.
I am sorry.


Your son,




Dear son,

You were born looking like a puffy, wrinkled worm, covered in blood and nasty milky goo. You were the most horrible thing I had ever seen. I immediately loved you.

Your mother and I spent the next two years of your life wiping your bottom and your face. It smelled worst than all your nightmares. And I loved you.

Your mother is not with us anymore, but if she were, she’d tell you how much we miss you, son. I also miss my jumper, you little thief.

Boys. Girls. I don’t care who you love as long as you are loved in return, even if it’s a red-haired librarian, even if he’s called Daragh, even if I don’t know how to say his name. I’ll be sure to ask when I finally meet him.
I love you.